Which Is Ideal Time for Companies Upgrading Their Ships Insignia? Engadget Android Questions

We are constantly aware of the developments that are presenting the different manufacturers, especially of the so-called flagships, the terminals more pointers and with more features that will be that more sales and profits are going to give. Normally launch one year, but since Sony want to launch one every six months.
This can be a very strange movement, which like many and others not so much. Mr Alexander believes this is mainly good for consumers, but surely you have a very different opinion, and why we make the following question.
What ideal term so that the companies update their flagships?
The week was time to balance the Mobile World COngress. Although many things are expected, usually not liked, as says ceesaars
More of the same last year but with other names nothing but none of the companies managed to innovate fully their products put just a little a day… A total disappointment
However, Renato is something more positive
I don’t is what people expected… And let’s be honest, we like evading the issue.
Not are few months talking about screens 2 k or even 4 k and you can see that in the majority of the comments rated positive is people complaining that it makes no sense, that they will spend more battery, which one no longer note the difference and which not is which. > Now discovers that the main terminals are still 1080 and complain because they have not innovated on screens.
It is the Snapdragon 805 and SoC’s with 64-bit and the same thing, which is not necessary, that the software is not ready, that we already have too much power and mimimi. > Sony and Samsung (not is if some other) choose the 801 to their terminals (nothing more than the 805 is not ready) and again, that it is the same as the 800, which only increases a few Mhz, that is a scam.
And one can continue on for a while.
What do you want? Co * or make it clear, because when rumored X you don’t need and complain when they take out a mobile without X.
And I do not come with the history of the battery, if advance although the development of technologies to store energy is much more complicated…
Hauwei did a good job, although (logical) was not the Wow that had touted, Samsung also did a good job in its style, few design changes and a couple of features that in my view are useless, but they sell, have updated touchwiz and although you still like me is a new face.
HTC has surprised me with the new Desire, that there was never a Desire that deserves its name after the original Desire.
Sony then also did a good job with the Z2 tablet and your Z2, we complain about the design? But if just one year with this design, and my truth seems to me to be very nice.NOTE: We have disabled the comments for all enfoquéis them in Engadget Android replies, which is the site where questions, responses and assessments of this section should focus. We await you there and remember that next week we will publish the most valued response.