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Not only caps are bicycle Hat

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the bike hat is a hat to wear under the helmet. Serves as a protection against the cold, resists UV and sunlight, and can also dry out. < br / > there’s very different kinds of hats, caps and hoods which can be worn when cycling, there’s some info here, to facilitate the selection of the appropriate model something.

Characteristics of wheel caps

, Wheel caps should be generally breathable in any case. A fabric that effectively absorbs sweat and quickly releases to the environment, is worth in the summer and in the winter gold and avoids the cooling off of the head or a heat storage. < br / > for cold weather or in winter make models with a WINDSTOPPER sense. Wheel caps are that no wind gets through either with a windproof membrane or a fabric that has been processed so closely. So is the loss of body heat by ride wind that whistles through the ventilation holes in the helmet, effective bent-over. < br / > membrane models have also a better weather protection. If the diaphragm is not only wind, but also waterproof, it has a weatherproof hood for tours in worse weather. under the helmet < br / > wheel caps are generally ergonomic and adjacent shaped with flat seams, so that nothing expresses under the helmet. Some models have a practical screen that prevents that the Sun hides and visually simple convinced. < br / > there are also models in the form of a forehead band. Such wheel caps avoid that welding in the eye runs and increase the comfort of the helmet as all wheel caps by they also bolster. But even in the summer, during hot weather or as pure protection for the ears this variant makes a lot sense. < br / > under the wheel caps are also hood models. These can be paired with compatible jackets and are to take over the helm. They offer an adjustable design with reinforced screen even better weatherproofing than pure waterproof hats. < br / > wheel caps, inter alia by POC, Pearl Izumi, Maloja, VAUDE and X-Bionic are available In the shop.