What You Think You Need Pixel (C) to Deal with The Surface and IPad Pro? Engadget Android Questions

Last week Google introduced us to their new devices. One of the surprises was the new Pixel C Tablet that Google would try to make their way in the productivity. Xataka Android, we want to know your opinion, and that is why we want to know what you think you need this new device order to compete face to face with the range of Microsoft Surface and iPad Apple Pro.
What do you think need Pixel C to deal with the Surface and the iPad Pro?
Seven days ago our question was directed to know your opinion on some Nexus 6 p and 5 X that were already more than filtered (and there were no surprises with them), specifically that we say which of the two I liked more. Among the answers which considerasteis the most prominent with your votes was yuliux, he said:
Undoubtedly he would buy me the Nexus 6 p… but for the price I probably decant by 5 X. I come from the Nexus 5 2013 and for me it was the best phone I’ve ever had with difference.
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