What Summer Pajamas Adopt My Baby?

Baby pajamas, it’s of course him sleep well, said also onesie, covering baby of the arm until the bottom of the feet. Depending on the temperature, in the summer, how baby sleep better? Body in short sleeves or long sleeves, with a sleeping bag, a velvet Pajamas or cotton? All our tips here for Pajamas for baby and some held newborn for the summer!

Short-sleeved or long-sleeved body body?

In winter, baby sleeping with a body long-sleeved underwear under her pajamas. In summer, this outfit will risk the sweat.
The rule is simple: If you get too warm for (sup) wear long sleeves, this will be the case of your baby, too! Except for toddlers, infants of the first months that move shortly and so will always need an extra layer.
For the summer pajamas, so prefer the short sleeve Bodysuit. If the temperature reached 26 ° C, the short-sleeved Bodysuit will be even only Pajamas baby!

Tog thick or thin?

The gigoteuse, known as bumpers is the baby comforter, soft sleeping bag that keeps it warm for the night, over his baby pajamas, without that he could discover.
For the summer Swaddle, prefer a thin and light, specially designed bumpers for the summer, again to avoid baby don’t sweat. It will be perfect when the temperature in the room is 19-20 ° C. Some sleepers have even removable sleeves, to adapt to the needs of the baby.
However, when the temperature is 24 ° C, there is no need to Swaddle, let baby sleep only in his Pajamas in the summer.

Velvet Pajamas or cotton?

If the temperature does not reach 26 ° C in the room, choose the Pajamas baby to sleep! Yes, but where? Here too, everything is matter of temperature. Sor well in Velvet all soft, flexible and comfortable will be perfect if it is 19 to 20 ° C. You can also choose a velvet Pajamas two-piece to combine, for example, with a long-sleeved body if you want a hot top.
From the 21 ° C, prefer the cotton Pajamas: always a onesie that covers the arms and the end of the feet, but lighter than the Velvet pajamas! 24 ° C, think of rompers, these short sleepsuits, who are not yet of bodies!