What Equipment Do You Need for Via Ferrata

With the matching via ferrata carabiners in the mountains

So as there are special carabiner rock climbing to backup or belaying, are also special models for use on via ferrata. Here are some features of such climbing climbing carabiner.

Form and structure of via ferrata karabiners

, Carbine, designed specifically for use on via ferrata, have usually a slightly more ergonomic shape than conventional carabiners. A via ferrata carabiner is fitted with a curve at the bottom, which makes it easier to keep the carabiners with gloves secure grip in your hand and open. Also he easily with just one hand mount. The size of climbing climbing carabiner more akin to that of HMS carabiner, than those of small screwdrivers or express rifles. This allows to use the carabiner in combination with all elements of the via ferrata sets.

Locking mechanism via ferrata carabiners

Closing mechanism is designed so that the climbing climbing carabiner can be opened easily with one hand. The sleeve when you release the hand safely completes the snapper for added security and avoids accidental opening. The shutter opening is very large, thus prevents one gets stuck when hanging out of the climbing climbing carabiner nose snapper on the lifeline. A special Connector for Via Ferrata facilitates Handling and thus ensures more Fun at the Rock!