What Colors Match with Blue Pants

How To Use Blue Pants Klein–Tips To Match Colors

Colored pants are super high since last summer. Among them, a color has gained much prominence, Klein Blue (blue Bic). The pants this tonality can both be used in winter as in summer. They leave the looks laid back and super modern, but for that you need to combine them with other colors. Check out some tips to hit the choice:
The blue Klein is a color super gay and so many times, it may seem a little difficult to combine with other colors. Actually it’s all very simple, just have patience and a little bit of knowledge of fashion to make the perfect combinations. For starters, the formula to err is not always bet on neutral tones such as white, black, beige, Navy Blue, among others.
To risk a little more, how about investing in look color block? The color blocks, as we call it here in Brazil, mix flat pieces in contrasting tones well, like blue in question combined with orange, or pink, or red, or yellow, or purple, or green.Apparently is complicated and even impossible, but the result is beautiful.
If the pants are blue, you can invest in a basic white blouse and raze the accessories, using a shoe and a maxi paste in Orange, making the connection between the two parts. Is colorful, fun, modern and nothing impossible. Do the same with other colors such as pink and green. After that is already more accustomed with the combination, bet on sweaters or even a colored blazer.