What Can You Do

Let’s stop screwing around and give continuation to the series of posts what can you do with ….? Is the tag of favorite blog and ages that does not post on it. The Belle of the ball will be. Stop! “The Belle of the ball” is an expression very World Cup. Will know if Fifa did not register that too? Let’s start again! The chosen time is tissue and, in addition to the usual indications, we’ll show you a step-by-step in pictures than they already put into practice.
Then you ask me (and already responds right away): what can you do with fabric? Can you do laundry! I agree. But, my idea here is to just show not so obvious creations like this. In fact, I can’t even call the creation of something obvious. The fashion designers are there to prove exactly the opposite.
My proposal is far more modest. I am searching for good ideas that can be produced with those cuts and flaps of tissue that are stored there in the back of my closet. I have several small tissue sections that are small, not suitable for production of clothes. Some do not even serve for pillows! Usually use the larger cutouts as funds for small photography products. Super work! But not all are for that. How are beautiful prints, I would see them against. My goal is to create a space of Fame for them:)
That’s how we thought we’d take advantage of creating buttons flaps that could be used in many ways. Looks great! Is fantastic! Is nothing more than a button lined. Just that you choose the pattern!
Can you use in handbags, caps, bikinis, sarongs, scarves, Barrettes, scarves etc. Is one focal point to your look. You can also use in decorating curtains, cushions from foodanddrinkjournal and where else you want. We’re thinking also on magnet version. Like so much that we’re thinking of produce in series, what do you think?
Also we take tissue to create other products, but these will be the agenda for new posts!Here is the process of production of buttons:
You must first mark the fabric the size of the button. Our has 38 mm in diameter and the circle of fabric needs to have 50 mm. The thing is for finishing.
Then it is necessary to cut the circles of fabric. Can be any tissue, no matter the composition. I used 100% cotton patchwork. I think synthetics fit well too. Test and then tell
The circles need not be exactly perfect because there is a surplus reserved for bending of the finish. Burrs or frayed will not be problem. I forgot to photograph the circle of Orange fabric:P
Then just place the circle on the rocker — with the pattern down — to assemble and close button. The Orange area of this image is the circle of fabric.
The rocker is the machine to make buttons. She’s totally mechanical and very easy to use. Are two movements for Assembly of a button. First you coat the fontal shell, as in the image, and then lays down the back. The buttons are made one by one.
Voila ! These are the two mimes who rode beautifully patterned fabrics patchwork reusing!
One more click of cuteness!
Now a suggested use. Arrested a scarf using the Orange button . I thought it was cute! And you liked it?