What a Bra Should I Use?

Like the neckline Gypsy? See suggestions of bras to accompany ciganinha blouse and the Gypsy dress, next spring/summer trends!

If you like fashion and likes to keep up with the trends on the Internet have probably noticed a strong trend coming around: the Gypsy neckline, shoulder to shoulder neckline that super charming and feminine that gives a touch of sensuality in any look.
In different textures, fabrics and prints, some with more details other more basic, it’s worth investing in a ciganinha shirt to accompany more fluid skirts and pants, and of course: pay enough attention in her bra!

What is the proper bra for a ciganinha shirt?

A danger of the neckline of a sweater ciganinha is “squeezing her breasts. Depending on the model and the elastic makes the cleavage her breasts may seem too fallen, so use the right lingerie is fundamental for the stay elegantly. So, when choosing a bra to wear with a Gypsy blouse, see if he has enough structure to support the breasts and not leave the neckline give the impression of letting them down.
See the options separated inspired looks that some fashioners have used in recent days (remembering that fashion spring/summer in the northern hemisphere is in full swing and we certainly we get several trends!):

Ciganinha crimped blouse + skirt

The Disney star Zendaya appeared in the Teen’s Choice Awards with the P & B all worked on sensuality: the crack in the tight skirt and long, the frill at the neckline Gypsy, which gave more volume to the breast, and the high Coke left the look a little more sophisticated. The bra band leaves the breasts in place and with the necessary discretion to let the fluid tissue, without interference of the lingerie.

Gypsy set “total white”

The strapless bra lace accompanies the romanticism of Bena, leaving the lingerie with the same freshness of look chosen by Dkny ships. in indexdotcom.com.

Gypsy blouse + jeans

The basic jeans refers to Basic lingerie:bra strapless beige does not interfere in the Gypsy blouse tissue volume of Dkny Ships. In fact, the most famous fashion blogger of Brazil joined even the sets of this cleavage! Want more reasons to bet on trend?

Gypsy lace blouse + transparencies

Heidi Klum is with a super flowing and feminine look with this skirt and blouse Gypsy mixing transparency and texture of the incomes with the sophisticated black always. The strapless lace bra offers optimal support and charm to match this style, don’t you think?
Like the looks we’ve selected for you? And if you still have any doubt of what would be the ideal bra for ciganinha blouse or for any other type of clothing, we have consultants specialize in lingerie can help you. Contact us at @ specialitalingerie or the relationship chat, we’ll be happy to help you: when it comes to lingerie, count Specialità Lingerie, the best online store of lingerie from Brazil!