Westwing Guide to Cover for Fabric Cell Phone

They say that it is possible to find everything in a woman’s purse. That is a great truth. Sometimes finding something specific like the cell phone can seem like an impossible task in the midst of so much that we carry.  One tip for this is to invest in a beautiful cell phone cover that besides protecting, can help to identify faster where the device is. Among the types of covers, the fabric mobile cover is super high.
The mobile phone case is perfect for giving a handcrafted touch to your items. She is versatile, simple and has incredible charm. What’s more, you can create beautiful mobile phone covers from different fabrics to use on different occasions. If you want to know how to make your own mobile phone covers using the fabric you want, Westwing will teach you the step by step for you here.

Choose your mobile phone cover!

Cell phone covers from CellphoneExplorer are the darlings of all. You can find them from silicone, acrylic, rhinestones and even fabric. The advantage of the  mobile phone case is that you will have a simple and super personal touch even on your mobile phone. Besides the practicality of just unbuttoning or opening the fabric, your cell phone will be adorned and super protected with the mobile phone cover. There is a diversity of fabric mobile cover with designs, flaps, felts and attachments.
You’ll be able to choose from a fabric cell phone cover with button, zipper, elastic, pockets and even looking like an agenda. In all of them your cell phone will be saved from falls and will draw attention in the middle of your other items of the bag, for sure. Take our step-by-step and make your mobile phone cover already!

Craft: Fabric Cell Phone

To make a mobile phone cover is super simple and you will need very few items to perform. The great advantage is that you can create the cover you’ve always dreamed of. Be with a fabric you love, blending prints and even for an occasion or special gift for someone you enjoy. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to do cell phone:

  • Fabric of your choice
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread for sewing
  • Medium size button
  • Ribbon

The first step to making your mobile phone cover is to measure your phone with the ruler. You should note the length and width measurement. Then cut twice the length measurement by 2 cm for a safety margin at the time of sewing. With the wrong side, sew the sides leaving 1 cm on each side. You will notice that your fabric has already been shaped like a pocket. Before turning to the right side, make the bar of your fabric where it was missing. Turn the fabric to the right side and your fabric cellphone cover is almost ready. Sew the button on one side and the ends of the other tape, leaving the correct space to button. And you’re ready for your cell phone cover!
The fabric cell phone cover is a super simple, easy and quick to do item that will make your bag more organized, more beautiful and with a touch of super special craftsmanship !