West Virginia Mountaineers Jackets

With the right winter jacket from the next winter adventure

When the days get shorter again, the temperature on the thermometer drops and wife starts hell to shake your pillow, then is to upgrade it at the time the dressing room with a warm and functional winter jacket. The perfect winter coat serves as protection against snow and cold and belongs – like the winter tires on the car – at the latest before the first snow fall on the body.
There is nothing more beautiful than to trudge through the snow on a clear, cold day of winter warm packed and protected from wind and weather, and to enjoy the romantic winter landscape. So adventure an end winter hiking has not already after a short time as louder cold already rattling the teeth and all feeling from the limb is gone, it’s a good, protective winter wardrobe. A functional winter jacket not only keeps warm the body. It protects man, woman and child in all outdoor activities from wind and weather. Snow, sleet, wind, and rain may have nothing a quality winter jacket and especially the body, which is fully inserted. In the cut and design winter jackets differ for women by the men’s jackets – to fit men and women just also do not need to renounce.

It is the purpose of the usage! What winter jacket for which winter adventure?

Ambitious mountaineers and climbers access to another jacket model as pleasure and leisure walkers. Also winter sports, skiers and snowboarders, look for specific characteristics that are less in demand during a warm everyday jacket.

No function in the jacket, the success of the Summit is uncomfortable – mountaineers need Hardshell and down

high up in the mountains, mountaineering, alpine climbing or mountaineering, it comes to weight, to function and durability. A winter jacket for ambitious mountain sports use therefore cannot survive without a water – and windproof and breathable membrane. Suddenly occurring storm or snowfall, a waterproof Hardshell jacket protects the mountaineers against moisture and thus also from the cold. Extremely cold temperatures, which can occur, for example, on an expedition at high altitudes, mountaineers manage this then with a ultra light down jacket as additional insulation layer. A down jacket has the advantage that it is extremely heat-insulating through the down-filled and wonderful light. It occupies little space in your backpack. Also sport climber and boulderer access between the climbing routes like to a warm down jacket not to cool off. Sweat-inducing activities such as skiing, snowshoeing or ice climbing, a good winter jacket should keep dry the mountaineers from the inside and outward transport the water vapour produced by sweating through the membrane.

One carries on on the ski slopes, more

skiers and snowboarders should, however, access to a special ski jacket. A ski jacket is usually more lined, but just as water – and windproof. Special features, to appreciate the skiers and snowboarders on the slopes, or in deep snow on their jacket know, are a powder skirt, multiple Interior and exterior pockets, a longer cut and a helmet-compatible hood. With a functional wardrobe, the skiing is even more fun. And if she still looks good there, so much the better!

Perfectly dressed for the winter outdoor and Alltagsdschungel

the area plays a big role when buying a winter jacket. When, where and in what activities is the jacket worn? What should you can about what not? Finally, a suitable outer layer with any outdoor and Bergsportbegeisterten, you can enjoy great winter experiences in the mountains.