Weekend of September

In this edition you will find everything you need for your outlet outdoors and much more!
Banks that already give a good fight. The Gutiérrez River and its tributaries in the South of Entre Ríos provided a very good quantity and quality from tarariras, who were active in what appears to be a promising start to the season taruchera. By Julio Pollero.
Retake the Paraná River. Abundant surubíes on stormreaver, Santa Fe. A package that is ideal for having fun with amigos.donde are also obtained very good gold. By Alejandro Inzaurraga.
A surprise in the upper Valley. Good and combative trout of the Black River, at the height of Villa Regina, are a pleasant news for lovers of the species. How to fish them. By Diego Flores.
A gem to discover. In the jungle of Tsimane, Bolivian Amazon full, wide variety of species and a surprising environment that dazzles in the natural and human. By Sergio Villar.
Fun at the Lake. Villa Carlos Paz has an interesting offer at Lake San Roque for a subtle and fun fishing for Silversides, ideal to enjoy with friends and family. By Wilmar Merino.
Peace again in the race. The area of Entre Rios North remains an excellent place to capture gold. An exciting fishing can be done in different ways. By Julio Pollero.
The 10 largest catches of
the story. The largest salt-water fish approved by the IGFA, its ratio of used equipment. By Claudio Deimundo.
Start a whole orchestra. After the strong floodwaters of the Paraná River, waters near the city of Rosario will be accommodating at their level and pique doradillos and taruchas is optimal in this fishing of easy access and good services. By Wilmar Merino.
Yamaha commitment to the summer. Ahead of the season, the Japanese company launched in the Argentina 12 models of jet skis. By Martin d´elia.
New or used? Key to buy. It is important to know several basic aspects to make the right decision when purchasing a boat. Details and tips for making the best investment. By Francisco Savino.
Buying and selling papers. What are procedures which should be the purchaser of a vessel used to bring it to its name. By Martin d´elia.
Distinction on the water. The first semi-rigid of the sail shipyard, with details that differ from the average of the market. By Martin d´elia.
A deer is very difficult. Razas, a hard hunt on the mountain that gave Hart the possibility of winning this time. By Matthew Venesia.
Axis currents. A new ground in the town of willow
It was the destination for a deer hunt axis. By Pablo Crespo.
On the edge of the path. By RN2 in Uruguay, from Fray Bentos to Santa Catalina, a trip to the rural population where women are Queens. And a visit to the refrigerator Anglo, the old kitchen of the world. By Pablo Donadio.
In Peruvian waters cruise. From Iquitos, a luxury until the Pacaya Samiria reserve sailing and the headwaters of the mythical Amazon. By Charles W. Albertoni.
Corners of empedrado and salt. To the North of the RN9, in the province of Córdoba, stories and landscapes of the old Camino Real,
Villa Tulumba and las salinas of San Jose. By Pablo Donadio.
Auspicious silver wedding. The international fair of hunting, fishing and Outdoors – weapons 2016 celebrated its 25th anniversary. What were the developments. By Pablo Crespo.
Between larch forests. Spring is a great season to visit walking the spectacular landscapes of the stage of Andean trail which runs between Bay Solis and MyrtleS. By Gabriel Wilson.
Time of revenge. Chevrolet introduced the renewal of your pick-up medium-sized S-10. Adding more technology in safety and maintains its powerful 200 HP turbodiesel engine. It’s already on sale. By Alejandro Fischer.
Cycling in pure essence. Details of excellent out of a group of bikers who joined the towns of Manzanares and Capilla del Señor. An experience
full of camaraderie. By Aldo
D. Rivero.
The best day of the winter. Weekend organized a free clinic of MTB to children aged between 10 and 16 years to learn to make the most of their bikes. By Aldo D. Rivero.
Secrets of a good tread. Technology applied to the running allows people to enjoy the activity.
By Gabriel Wilson.
Compressed air
The future of the nitro piston. The Cordoba firm Apollo, along with the Spanish Norica, launched the second generation piston rifle AP-N500. Shoot more than 1,100 p/s. By Claudio Deimundo.
Kitchens of minimal impact. How and where fire in ecological way, which does not affect the soil. Precautions. By Gabriel Wilson.
Technology to outdoor
Connected to the drive. New developments allow connectivity without removing your hands from the steering wheel. All the details to take advantage of this feature to the maximum. By Alexis Burgos.
How to assemble our own output. All the details to take into account to design a tour 4 × 4 off road between friends. By Sebastián López Bernal.