Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Models–2014 Trends
The choice of the bride dress is, for her, one of the most important activities during the preparation of the party. When it’s time to make that decision is to take into consideration some aspects about your style, your body, how will your party, and more. Check out some tips and templates to bet:
The dress with laces\ are always a good choice, because it is classic and charming, so I never go out of fashion. She is one of the key chosen in time to make the dress.She can appear in only a few details or, if the bride want something more elaborate, a dress all working on rent. If you opt for a model all over lace, prefer drier cuts, since the fabric has a lot of texture.
Models with strapless neckline also don’t go out of fashion ever, so it’s worth investing. However, if you prefer something more comfortable and secure, one shoulder only models are great. The “V”-shaped necklines, with straps that pass over the shoulders also give more security to the bride to dance and make to your ceremony.
Wedding dresses with details leaked in the back stand out among the trends.Transparent rents are among the main choices to make that model. And also the pearls, which are classic and are up, so are worth the investment, especially for embroidery. Some brides do all the upper part of the dress, bodice, fully embroidered tulle skirt, Princess style.