We Already Know First Specifications for The HTC X 10 Which Is Expected for January

HTC varied their strategy of terminals last year and premiered two categories that have accompanied the too-familiar One in reputation and sales. Opened with the A9 One HTC and HTC One X 9 and this year will have its renewal, adapting to the same nomenclature line which they were born. If HTC 10 removed One surname, HTC X 10 will do the same in a few weeks.
Like its predecessor, the future HTC X 10 must also locked in the middle range of the Taiwanese manufacturer Android terminals, and according to the latest information that we have received on the, arise in this month of January. With the CES opening year, the possibility of Las Vegas fair to welcome the release is high. And now we know more about it.

Helium P10 or P15

Leaked its existence a few weeks ago, we now have some concrete specifications with which to move, although its engine generates still many doubts. The A9 or the X 9 chose last line processors in its presentation, but it is strange to associate the P10 Helio with this HTC X 10 when helium P15 is already in circulation. This is perhaps a calculated decision or simple low availability of the new processor mediatek in these initial phases of its construction.
We also think we know this X HTC screen 10. We speak of a panel of 5.5 inches with FullHD resolution whose technology could be Super LCD, but this fact has not transcended. We would also have in hands a RAM 3 GB memory, possibly LPDDR3 because of the processor, and a 13-megapixel rear camera to begin to draw the multimedia team.
Taking into account that the HTC One X 9 was presented in the month of February, coinciding with the MWC in Barcelona this year, starting from 2017 seems perfect so that HTC put into circulation its new device. At the moment we don’t know nothing more than him except the specifications that you have already mentioned. And all of them are terminal in the middle range.
Another model that could lead BoomSound to the software, regardless of the double front speaker
One fact more, although it is more than one rumor that something revealed in a leak. Already spoken that the starting price of this HTC X 10 would be at lathe to 288 euros, derived from a rumor that speaks of 1,999 Yuan starting price for the model. That would make him a smartphone of 260 euros to play Europe. If it is finally arriving in stepped on this continent.
Yet, will wait a little more to know everything related to this HTC X 10 which has the task of keep the good level already HTC One X left patent 9 of earlier this year. Good performance, an excellent outward appearance with its brushed metal case and a rather high price. The House brand of HTC which seems to be putting up a renewal of designs and spirit after the construction of the Pixel. We’ll see what they have to offer us to 2017.