Water Filters Water Bottles

Well equipped against the thirst: drinking bottles

The right hydration system be missing on any tour! Whether folding bottle or water bag: on short trips over heat the right water supply is just as important as when multi day tours through the tundra. Learn here about the choice of the appropriate drinking system.

Find the right water bottle

When selecting the water bottle is the type and size to consider. For long trips and those in hot weather is the big bottle of a variant with only a half-liter capacity preferable. Also, not every water bottle in any situation is practicable. A stable (E.g. Nalgene on http://www.waterbottlesshop.com/buy/cycling-water-bottles/) bottle works well for very sportive tours due to the ease of use one-handed. However, a folding bottle (E.g., Platypus) excels with flexible volume for backpacking.

Water bottle or water bag

According to their own taste, you can opt for a water bottle, or prefer the supply by reservoir in the backpack. However, particularly by the duration and the type of adventure depend. offer both systems advantages and disadvantages, for long tours and such with backpack or in areas without reliable drinking water supply (sources streams) drink pouches are better suited, because they guarantee a sufficient supply. For short tours without baggage or with the possibility to fill up water bottles are the best choice.

Water filters and water bottle

The use of bottles in remote areas or in multi day tours to ensure there is special water filter. These are by combined filter systems for the production of water for cooking as well as for the filling of bottles on tour. The use of a flexible water carrier is often helpful during camping.

Material and accessories from water bottles

Water bottles are manufactured either from stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic. While metals offer long-lasting taste neutrality, the contents see. with transparent bottles made of plastic can be to experience no cruel surprise in the winter, there are insulated packaging for bottles, bags and tubing made of neoprene. Special cleaning kits provide long-lasting freshness.