Want to Fish in Canada? Check Out the Step-by-Step

When we think of traveling abroad, the first step is to regularize all the necessary documents.

Want to Fish in Canada Check Out the Step-by-Step

First, we have to keep the passport valid. The passport is not required for several countries in South America. However, it is the default document for the majority of the destinations in the world.

For those who do not have a passport, never leave to do it last time, since there may be some unforeseen problems in its issuance. For those who already have, just be aware of the expiration date. Remembering, that some countries require that the passport has at least six months of validity.

With the passport rectified, it is time for the visa: a document that gives permission for the entry to the country, during a certain period of time, for certain purposes.

Some countries require a visa for brazilians, others do not. In the case of Canada, the visa is still required. On flights with connections in the United States the us visa is mandatory, regardless of the final destination.

The body that makes the issuance of visas for Canada is the Consulate General of Canada. For more information: www.brazil.gc.ca.

International health insurance is also critical. We can’t imagine what can happen on a trip. Therefore, if prevention is very important. Generally, these insurance are very affordable.

In Canada, the angler should acquire the appropriate fishing license, which can be filled out electronically on the websites of the government. These licenses are made for limited periods and species of fish.

Getting the day of the trip, it is necessary to arrive three hours in advance at the airport to make the check-in, check in your bags and follow the boarding procedures.

The best fishing months for sturgeon are: August, September and October. However, the fish are active and can be caught throughout the year. Every two years, in the beginning of winter, so the “rise” of “Pink Salmon”, which leaves the sturgeons as well assets.

In the season of the sturgeons, for being exactly the transition from the warm season to the cold, it is necessary to take winter clothes. Shirts and pants “second skin”, it helps a lot to withstand the cold and the thermal sensation in rio. Usually the guides have overalls waterproof so that the fishermen can get on the water to do the photos. However, jackets, trousers and waterproof boots, it helps a lot during the course of the fishery.

The sunscreen is also important, because in spite of the mild temperatures, the sun, at times, remains strong throughout the day. It is not necessary to take fishing equipment, because typically these are provided by the guides in place. The lures are also provided (salmon and roe).

Returning: for those who think in the back full of shopping, it is essential to read the rules of the Federal Revenue, for purchases abroad. The customs procedures vary widely, and may be random or not.

Finally, perhaps one of the objects most important to be considered: machine and camera. The scenery and the fish are amazing! And in the back, sure, there are plenty of stories to tell!