Wall Stickers: How to Choose

The wall stickers can be used to decorate a particular environment, they cover an entire surface or just a part. In addition, you can also use them to hide small defects in paint or accidental reliefs that form part of the wall.
Make a decoration through wall sticker is a practical and cheap to give personality to a certain room in residence, since this material can be purchased much more into account, but care must be taken with the type of paper you choose, because not all are of quality.

See below for how to choose step-by-step wall stickers.
First choose a sticker is to take into consideration the type of wall on which it is applied. If the wall is completely smooth and wide, one can opt for a great adhesive to fill in any site.
Not always a decoration is used for ever, so prefer to choose a sticker, whose cola is not totally transferred to the wall over time. Otherwise, when the material is removed from the site will be huge and difficult stains to be removed.
Regarding the colour of the adhesive, try to choose something that has to do with the tone of the wall. If the surface is white, the color does not make a difference in this situation.
This should be taken into consideration when the surface has dark coloring or differentiated.
For child’s room one tip is to choose children’s drawings patches, they can be found in shops of decoration, the price varies depending on the size and brand of the product.
Choose stickers that have a thick texture, showing that he has a plastic that protects by preventing there is deterioration over time as, for example, fading of the had, holes, among other things.
Who does not find a print of adhesive that does not meet the your taste, you can choose to have a custom item, in this case the product will have a higher value, but the people can send your print a photo or a certain image that has meaning for her.
To put stickers on the walls of the room or Office ideal is to choose prints that don’t pass information at the same time, as this may cause restlessness in their visits.
If the your House has walls and dark tones, look for articles stickers sober tones or choose to do a moderate contrast with the environment.
Tips and warnings

  • Choose stickers as the color of your wall.
  • Choose stickers that won’t damage the wall.