Vodafone Tightens The Competition with a 25% Discount on Fees for Six Months

As we have seen in the last monthly note CMT Mobile’s new rates of Vodafone They seem to not give a too satisfactory result, losing about 300,000 net lines in a single month, that operator has prepared a special promotion for those who opt to hire its new tariffs for Internet.
It is of a 25% discount that applies in the quota fixed to pay during the first six months, include this or not the deferred payment of a smartphone, for portability to any of the rates Base or network that is processed via the Vodafone until February 28.
Therefore speak of a total minimum discount of 13.5 euros (six months 25% discount on the Base rate) but that You can reach a significant savings when purchasing a handset, with more than 80 Euro discount when you purchase an iPhone 5 with the network rate.
Now to see if this is a timely action or if Vodafone will move tab in any sense, whether in the form of rebate of rates, unlikely for the short time they have been on the market, either by lowering the price of certain phones or even giving smartphones of range low as Yoigo it did at Christmas.