Vodafone Reorients Its Rates by Size: New Rates without Time Limits, Free SMS and Extra Bonuses for Voice and Data

Since Vodafone first launched its rates by size, not have been few updates that have been suffering with the passage of time but will be from April 1, when they will enter into force the innovations presented today at MWC.
Disappear slots in all rates and facilitates control of consumption warning with an SMS when you’re about to reach the top of your rate or requesting to know the minutes, SMS and MB consumed by dialing * 123 # and call key. In addition, they present new Bonds Extra voice among other innovations and maintained as hook the VIP numbers Unlimited Vodafone which effectively increase the minutes included in each tariff since those calls not discounted bond in any case.
Let’s see how is the general offer of rates for individuals from Vodafone:
Also maintained 25% discount fee for 12 months (1 year retention) to users who prefer to not qualify for a subsidized mobile. Existing customers who want to enjoy renewed conditions will have to request the change and if not will keep the signed conditions.
The differences with respect to the current versions of rates by size they are as follows:

  • Rates @ with Free SMS eliminate the restriction of maximum 350 and become unlimited except otherwise specified with in the @XS8.
  • New rate @XS8: while maintaining the conditions of 8 cents per minute in Exchange for 8 euros minimum consumption and adds 7 valid Euro fee to send up to 200 SMS and browse 100 MB to maximum speed (the rest at 64 Kbps).
  • New rate XS: It eliminates the need to hire internet version with @ for which they should not be them pay call set-up for 150 minutes.
  • Improves rate @S: from now on it will include messages for free.
  • New L & XL: now was given the option of hiring a rate of voice for the more talkative without need to activate internet with best prices.
  • Changes in @L: rounds its share (raising it 10 cents), removes the time limitation in Exchange for reducing the total number of minutes included (formerly 1000 minutes in the afternoon and 350 minutes before 6 pm) and increases the data rate 250 MB.
  • Changes in @XL: reduces the fee 20 euros, eliminates the time restriction, halved the number of minutes and the VIP Vodafone are limited to 4 (was any Vodafone).

New Extra bonuses of voice and data

If any of the limits of the different rates, will continue to aplicarando by default a price of 20 cents (more establishment) per minute and a reduction in speed in the data but to get rates configure one more tailored rate, Vodafone introduces its new bonus extra:

  • Extra bonus voice: it lets you add to your rate 50 minutes for 5 euros or 150 minutes for 10 euros.
  • Extra bonus data: allows you to continue browsing without speed reduction by $ 5 for 200 MB, 8 euros per 500 MB, 12 euros for 1 GB or 20 euros for 2 additional GB.