Vodafone Reduces The Subsidy of Mobile to Harden The Conditions of The Stays

Months ago the operators dropped the possibility of reduce the subsidy of terminals considering that they are not sustainable in the long term but what didn’t expect us to find was a reaction as quick as that apply Vodafone from February 1.
Although this measure does not affect the conditions signed by current customers, Vodafone is going to generalize the stays of 24 months all subsidized handsets and also raised the price of most of its catalog among other changes affecting follows:

  • The stay in tarifa also happens to be mandatory during the 24 months of the contract except in the rates only SIM, autonomous and customers on the changes through the points program.
  • The customers Platinum and diamond may continue renewing their stays at any time, gold customers every 6 and the rest every 12 if want to change the phone but now and following in the footsteps of Orange, the signature of a new contract will be added to the permanence that may remain pending a previous shift up to a maximum limit of 36 months, rather than start counting from zero from the last signing as so far.
  • The rates single SIM that applied a discount of 25% in the price of the rates with share to new high not wanting a subsidized mobile, go to a stay of 12 months Vodafone instead of 6 as so far although the benefit of the discount shall continue to apply for 24 months.
  • Much of the catalog of Vodafone terminals increase price with new high, portability and migration. In addition completes the promotion that months ago encouraged migrations with discounts of up to 50 euros.

A real trend change?

Vodafone has spent months raising and lowering prices of its mobile unclear way but so far it had not been so forceful in what seems to be a change of strategy, but with what purpose?. The CMT monthly data will still be good for Vodafone and although the “ mobile free ” will continue to exist as an effective method of loyalty, will the thinking that the best way to attract customers is to reduce rates face the summer or we will find a campaign without too many surprises?