Vodafone Leaves The Terminal Grant to New Customers and Committed to Funding and Repurchase

And as expected, and with one month of difference Vodafone has done so. What was a rumor is confirmed today and the Red operator will no longer subsidize terminals as of April 10 similar to Movistar did.
The strategy to follow now it is no more than one copy of the marked by the ex-monopolio, with a supposed improvement of subsidies for already clients of the British, and for those who want to be it financing and repurchase used terminals.
The only difference found regarding Movistar is the announcement of a 15% discount on the rates by size for new customers who do not acquire a terminal financed though as many you know so far was offered a 25% discount if you renounced the subsidy. In either case, except in the SIM-only non-discounted option, all new customers of Vodafone they will have to sign a commitment to stay for one year.
The financing Terminal, both for it customers for new, will be of 12, 18 or 24 months and in all cases interests shall be borne by the operator. If the customer decides to leave operator before having finished paying the terminal may do so by paying the interest.
In addition, Vodafone It will assess the old terminals to redeem them for a discount in the acquisition of new and will offer two locks, one of total protection and one for the screen, which can be purchased from three euros a month, according to the range of acquired mobile.
The aim of Vodafone in his words is, apart from balancing their accounts leaving of “ give ” mobile, retain its current portfolio of clients facilitandoles the purchase with financing and share buybacks. That Yes, the advantages over the previous model are scarce and in addition Mobile selling will continue to through them, so they will continue having custom software and will need to pass your validation when manufacturers release updates.
After these changes the question is obvious, There is a pact between Movistar and Vodafone? Both operators deny it but does not seem precisely a chance or he has waited to learn, at least publicly, details of earnings or losses of the first customers to follow in his footsteps.