Vodafone Launches an Interactive Demo to Better Understand Their Bills

Surely more than one upon receipt of invoices from your operator have needed time to examine it and above all understand it. Do-nothing breakouts, services with unrecognizable names and other problems are common and it seems that in Vodafone they are aware of this and therefore launch a interactive demo its customers are to understand your Bill.
The demo allows both learn the terms used in the Bill, and even the customer select which services and rates have contracted to view a Bill similar to yours, as know how Vodafone makes the calculation of the.
The management of the demo is easy and it allows you to navigate between the different sections of the Bill, by selecting each one of them to receive further explanations. In addition also helps to understand and apply fertilizers and discounts as well as clarify the billing period, since the British operator customers may have five different billing cycles according to your discharge date.
The tool will be useful for customers who can compare your bill with the examples contained in this demo to verify that the company is them billing correctly, something that surely many customers will appreciate.