Vodafone Launches a New Range of Basic Smartphones by Three Euros Per Month

The new “Mini” available range from 2 may will offer a series of basic smartphones with any of their Base or network fees by three euros per month which will involve a total payment of 87,12 euros by these new terminals.
included in this new range smartphones will be two of its own brand, the Vodafone Smart II and Vodafone Smart Chat, in addition to the HTC Explorer, which can be purchased along with a fee to speak and surf from 12 euros per month, with the Base rate which offers calls for a penny per minute, 1000 SMS and 1 GB of sailing at full speed.
The Explorer HTC and Vodafone Smart II share with one 3.2 inch screen, 3-megapixel camera, and Android 2.3 the main differential between both is the first featuring a 600 MHz processor of the latter is 800 MHz. Vodafone Smart Chat shares with them the Chamber and the Android version although its screen decreases 2.4 inches instead of incorporating a full Qwerty keyboard.
The payment by instalments, of three euros per month plus VAT for 24 months puts hand customers contract a few terminals to be purchased with a one-time payment in prepaid they have a price of between 70 and 100 euros no no permanence.