Vodafone Apptualize Will Configure Our Smartphones to Make Better Use of Its Advantages

Incumbents keep giving small samples of a change in their strategies for, finally, focus on improving your user experience with the passage of the years, look increasingly seduced by the transparency and simplicity of the smaller operators.
Movistar and Orange are also taking their first steps in a change of course that Vodafone wants to concentrate its commitments of better service, better connected and prices without surprises. Apptualize It is the latest initiative of the Vodafone commitment who wants to guide us in the purchase of a new smartphone and help us to configure it to enjoy all its advantages.
Attention customer of operators has been involved in a growing complexity due to the rates and services related to smartphones so Vodafone wants to involve stores with experts that help customers resolve concerns to improve the experience in every way.
The purpose of Apptualize is to let set the mail on your mobile, install applications According to the needs of each user (social networking, photography, etc.), answer questions and help to transfer the agenda and multimedia content the old mobile to new smartphone.
From now on, all stores will be better formed for Apptualizar clients and also Vodafone smartphones will have 132 experts scattered throughout the Spanish geography which may be complemented by support online, by calling toll free 22155 (or 22555 if you’re self-employed or company) and even with remote assistance.
Vodafone commitment seeks to regain the trust of users and increasing their satisfaction and even if Apptualize is a It helps that many of our readers will not have to go do you think they are on the right track? other things need to be improved?