Vodafone Also Strengthens Its Freelancers and Companies with New Tariffs and Services Offerings in The Cloud

After the presentations of Vodafone on Monday at MWC that were more aimed at home users announcing new rates and the premiere of the whatsApp of operators, freelancers and companies have today focused attention of the operator submitting four new rates and new services for professions.
Rates that keep the structure size of individuals but that replaced the messages for free and unlimited VIP numbers for internal calls free and different conditions of voice and data that are best suited to the needs of professionals. Let’s see how is the complete range of rates that banishes rate mini PRO 19 euros:
Rates are consistent with the possibility of carrying the fixed mobile. In case of overachievement of the minutes included in each tariff, applies a price of 15 cents per minute more of call set-up 15 cents. The messages kept the cost of 15 cents/SMS.

Vodafone integrates its switchboard with collaborative environment services in the Microsoft cloud

With Unified Communications, Vodafone integrates voice and data (fixed and mobile) services with the productivity and collaboration services hosted at Microsoft data centers to add services unit of Vodafone Office, the possibility of communicate more agile and efficient with colleagues, customers, suppliers or partners (through email, instant messaging, voice calls and video calls) with the maximum guarantee of security (anti-virus, anti-spam) and availability (guaranteed 99.9%).

Disk network: Vodafone cloud storage

Vodafone also bid for facilitating collaborative work in the cloud presenting a network harddisk accessible smartphones, tablets and any web browser with internet connection in real time which he has named as Disk network and that you will have two modes of access, completely secure as the operator:

  • As a user standard, for 3 euros per month You can manage 8 GB of storage with the same features as a physical hard disk and also will have access to view the 20 GB shared that administrators can manage.
  • As Administrator, for 5 euros per month you will have 8 GB of private storage and you can also manage the content of the 20 GB shared.

MedCitas Vodafone: manages the appointment of physician

MedCitas It is another novelty in the cloud presented by Vodafone directed to medical professionals you want to meet and manage the appointment of private medical practices of hospitals and socio-medical cabinets.
In this way, physicians can access your address book at any time and modify it from anywhere with internet access, and patients will have more comfort to get an appointment.