Vintage Earrings Chapadinhos in the Ear

Vintage earrings have been much admired and desired by girls and women even the most modern. That’s because they have a “Q” class and sophistication that many other styles do not have. We can see vintage earrings currently being used by actresses in novels of the globe, Hollywood actresses and even young girls. These earrings are of an older style, were much used by famous as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren.

I created a pair of earrings like this these days because I, as a lover of vintage jewelry, can’t live without this template chapadinho.
My play has beads embroidered to resemble the Sun used beads in black, grey and gold.
Image showing the back:
Only use bases for chapadinhos earrings, leather fabric fininho (ultrasuede), needle, thread and beads and pastes;
Step by step! Read and learn:

  • You will need 4 pieces of fabric the same size rounded.
  • In two pieces you will stitch the beads with the design and the mix of colors that you want to create. Use your creativity! This part of sew beads is slow but it is really fun. Be sure to visit our link and sewing beads techniques to learn how to do this. Sew beads so that they are proper is not in any way and requires some learning.
  • After you finish sewing the beads on fabric, glue the base of your earrings chapadinhos right in the Middle, on the back of that same piece embroidery.
  • Wait to dry for about 2 minutes. Take another piece of cloth (no embroidery) and make a little hole in the center of it. Then paste it behind each earring have embroidery, passing the tip of the base metal to chapadinhos earrings, by the little hole you made earlier. So you hold that base of earrings and the hides, too. She’s going to be quite safe. Pass it, enough glue for fabric and over the metal base to make this last. At the end, sew beads on the edges to make the sides are well done. I sewed these beads from the edge by adding 3 beads going backwards.
  • See that I cut four pieces of fabric to a diameter of about 2 cm and a half. These need not be perfect bubble. But they are the same.

NOTE Important:For who works selling jewelry, this type of earring with beads embroidered is super account to do. You typically use little material, in addition to cheap materials. Try to make them using other toposde beads and designs in embroidery.