Video Leak Shows Windows Phone 8.1 Camera Features

Direct access to the settings: Windows phone 8.1 users of the camera app using the search function at the top of the image are can change even faster settings. Also creating shortcuts for faster access is possible with the new version, is to see a video leak of UnleashThePhones like now.
The video is also to see that the “Microsoft Camera” app is based significantly on the solution from Nokia: also provides shortcuts to the most important settings like the flash light or alternating between front and main camera. For subsequent access to the images was reduced in the effort for the user: the live tile for the application can switch between all photos, a single image, or the Favorites.
Tidy Impression
The camera app a change also allows the video recording quality while the user is in video mode. For photos, there is also the burst mode function, with the multiple images are shot in quick succession. For simplified access to the images, photos can be arranged according to time or place of the recording.
The customizable buttons for frequently used functions are practical. Total, the Microsoft camera app is intuitive, and despite the many options very clearly. This good impression is reinforced by understandable icons and an overall appealing design.