Velcro or Lace Climbing Shoes

Not only for speed climber: Velcroschuhe

It is not surprising that Velcrokletterschuhe are very widely used. So as climbing shoes are tight, it is always nice just to be able to drop the shoes between the tours. There’s some recommendations to Velcroschuhen.

Advantage: fast switching in Velcroschuhen

That Velcrokletterschuhe quickly change can not only has the advantage, that the walk through permanent wear without pain. Even if the shoes are already registered after some time, it is worth to take them off is not climbed.
Because the Velcro is used when backing up, puts the weight of the climber on the sole and reduces as the preload. Easier pulling out Velcrokletterschuhen help so, the lifespan of the outsole to increase.
Also offer more flexibility at the foot the climbing finches as the Swiss calls his climbing shoes with Velcro and are so good for bouldering and technically demanding climb.

Disadvantage of Velcroschuhen: less tight fit

The closures of innovative Velcroschuhe are not so tight to get, as is the case in Schnürern at the foot. Therefore, most lace-up shoes are better suited for longer sports climbing and alpine climbing.