Valentine's Day at Elle Shirt

“Oh love … that I don’t know where, don’t know how comes, and it hurts.” (Luís de Camões)
Love is in the air, is an atmosphere of romance for all sides, and the Hunch of Luxury is also increasingly in love … we can’t stay away from you! RS. Galerinha, has more tips on Valentine’s day gifts out of the oven and this time the couples in love can celebrate because the palpiteco is for them and for them! When we think about presenting a man soon comes to head to buy a shirt. And why not? The shirt is a Joker, which never goes out of fashion and he has proved to be little Darling not only in their wardrobes, but also in women. The shirt is able to transform a look in a matter of seconds and is an eternal companion, whether it be for work or for a more formal occasion. It’s the kind of gift that you can’t miss! But who thought a clothes, male, could fall so far so good on any woman? Of course you have the little finger of Auntie Chanel about it! In 30 years, by adopting the shirts in his productions, Coco Chanel popularized the use of this article even more among women. Some divas of Hollywood cinema, as Katherine, Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Virginia Cherrill, Louise Brooks, soon donned the idea. Today, the women’s shirt is a clothes easy to combine and compose the visual feminine and modern!
In Campo Grande (MS) ELLE SHIRT is expert in male and female shirts, and offers 1001 options: has models for all tastes and styles! The store has been around for 3 years, commanded by Munir Ferzeli and Michele Ferzeli, who created the company with the objective to offer the modern man the most diverse options on shirts, combining comfort, colors, prints, quality fabrics and fine workmanship in production, following the trends of what happens in the modern universe of fashion. But it didn’t take long for the ELLE SHIRT also invest in women, since women began wearing much the shirt on a daily basis and, above all, for being a basic part and Joker time to work! Today the store sells several brands of shirt (male Dudalina, female Dudalina, Poggio, male and female, Lady women’s Tie, Says male and male Ducotê) and also own manufacturing marks, as the male Elle and Elle women. Here at MustBuyShirts you can get more different models of the fashion shirts. In addition, with the demand in the manufacture of shirts, the company also began to make shirts for uniforms. Muiiito cool … the own shop designs and creates the uniform according to customer needs. We went to check out the latest from the ELLE POTTERY BARN and, is we set up a Fashion Editorial clarooo, beautiful and romantic suuuper to inspire couples in love!
Take a look!!!
Our models arrasaraaam … didn’t get a cuteness that Editorial Fashion?
We are with our romantic side super touched!
And look at that cool: on purchases over R $100.00 in ELLE SHIRT you get a perfume fragrance Eternity! Promotion valid only till Valentine’s day (12/06/13).