Using Half Female Socket: Pictures, Children, Models

Curtinha and basic, the socket middle part of those items of clothing that can not miss in your wardrobe. Half never hurts, and this type you do not know well when going to use, but it looks good on almost everything. Tennis to basic social shoe, such as a short half, people will not see, so it can invest in socket socks without fear of losing the use.

Half Socket Brands

In addition to the informal models, sold without any marks in own production from street vendors (and even very cool visual), you have some very nice models and known brands producing the item. Some of them are:

  • Nike- sports line of Nike has provided high quality running shoes to the simplest items such as gloves for weight lifting in the gym and dear socks. Imported manufacturer is more fashion, having a line just for women with socks in neon color.
  • Speedo- one of the giants of products for swimming has products in all areas. You find more often semi sockets brand in sporting goods stores and websites aimed at the same segment. The brand is one of maios line giants to gym but sells other sporting goods as well.

Where to Buy Half Socket?

How it is a common product, both in the formal market and the informal is easy to find this type of product. Multi shops articles, those supermarkets filled with products always sell good packages with several pairs and good discounts. Similar stores multibrand articles, both physical and virtual, and sell the product. Sporting goods stores, both physically and online, also sell the item extensively.
Prices vary according to both the quality of the product and the brand. If Adidas, for example, the package with three pairs cost on average $ 30. Already Nike sells for an average of $ 40 more models in mind and you can take home for less than R $ 20 to larger packages five- or six pairs. Worth a panned in stores.

Tips to Save Half Socket

You are those who lose the half quickly? Maybe some tricks better concentration will help improve the quality of the product and its shelf life and are very simple. One is to try our best so get home to wash the item. This prevents the fibers it apregoe the stench use of sweat throughout the day.
You are not like the smell of the fabric? When the laundry is not old lady she is with a great aroma same. Our tip is to try to let the sauce fabric with two products that help enough: coconut powder and a little fabric softener. It does not take much, just leave a little over half an hour and come back to wash. It helps to drop the thick dirt socks used for sports or leave a pleasant aroma, very important for clothing worn parts.
To avoid body odor caused in most cases by fungi, some simple measures can be taken. One is to wash a pair of socks and dry in the sun very well. Do not use wet socks and can be used talc to avoid the stench. Try not to reuse the half. If you suffer from foot odor, will never eliminate the problem by using a half two or more times. The ideal and get home, wash and then use again. Try also not to leave the laundry basket, especially if it is wet from perspiration.