USB External Hard Drive Buying Tips

An external hard drive is a device that connects your PC, usually by USB and is used to store all documents. How could it be otherwise, in such devices, the most important feature is the size though is not the only thing to consider when purchasing.
A recent photo in JPEG a good camera can reach 5 megabytes, a song in good quality MP3 about 4 Megabytes and a film about 2 Gigabytes.
This means that 1 T Byte can store approximately 200,000 photos, 250,000 songs or 500 movies. And depending on your needs you might consider buying one size larger or smaller.

What types are there?

Not all external hard drives are the same and can be divided into the following groups:
NAS. According to Eusbhubs, NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and is a type of fully external storage to your PC. In this case we are talking about a computer that connects to the local network in your home and transfers data through this medium.

The NAS is a much more expensive but more flexible than traditional external hard drives option.

Buying Tips

Before the acquisition of one of these elements it is interesting to know the following:
Some come diskless. Especially in the case of NAS, but you can also see on other devices, the manufacturer offers a vacuum apparatus in which you can insert the hard drives you purchase independently. Thus allow greater versatility.
In almost all models you can replace the discs. Sooner or later that disk fails, that’s for sure, so many manufacturers will let you can easily remove the discs and replace them with another.
It is also a good option if you want to increase the size.
USB 3.0 is compatible with 2.0. Many devices are advertised as USB 3.0 but do not worry if your team still does not have this technology because it can connect seamlessly with prior to this standard connectors.
Usually bring additional software. Although not often used, it is true that almost all manufacturers often add additional software to these devices. This allows you to add for example a key, for use or content encryption so that if you lose all your data do not end up in the hands of others.
Wire size. Normally usually come with very small wires then you have to buy them separately if you want to have the external disk separate from your PC.
Never have all data in one device. This is one of the tips to never miss a thing. No matter what you spend on an external hard drive or a NAS, sometime they stop working. Although you see this years away the best option to never lose information is taken into an additional or stored in the cloud .
There are special connectors. Believe it or not all USB connectors as there are other Firewire or eSata that can serve for this purpose.