Unlocking the Secrets to Finding the Perfect Bikini

During the summer, Brazilian beaches are taken by women of different biotypes: a few more nipples, other skinny ones and those that are in great shape. Naturally, Brazilian women are known all over the world for their beauty and the exuberance of their feminine forms. To better accentuate the lines of your body, nothing better than a bikini model that values ​​your physical qualities, or, as some prefer, hide parts of the body that stand out too much. The right choice of bikini helps in these cases, because depending on the modeling there is the impression of smaller hips, highlighted breasts and other changes. Ideally, you should first keep in mind what you want to emphasize or reduce in your body, and then begin the search for the perfect bikini. Here are some tips:
Small breasts: for women with small breasts the ideal models for the top of the bikini are the curtain style, with bulge or in the style single front and the models will fall with pleats that also help to give more volume to the breasts.
Big breasts: those who have bulky breasts should bet on more structured bras, such as those that have a support just below the bulge. Also worth that band style, but with straps. Some follow this model with a light neckline that ensures more tan. The front-only style can also, but the bulge should be bigger, especially at the time and gradually narrow to be able to be attached to the neck.
Narrow hips: Lace-up panties are ideal, whether you’re tying two or one side. Models with narrow sides are also good. The more dug panties on the butt also favor.
Wide hips: For those who have a very wide hip, the ideal is to wear panties or sungão more closed in the butt. Tie-down panties on the sides can also be worn, as long as they are less dug. The panties with the wide side is a great choice.
Other tips: For those with long legs and short trunks, you should disguise betting on low-waist panties. They have the power to stretch the body. Who wants to disguise the belly, a slightly higher waist panties is recommended. If you intend to create volume on your breasts or buttocks, use light colors or small prints. Already to decrease the volume, bet on flat pieces and dark colors. In addition to all these tips, if your will is to find out what is fashionable today, bet without fear on the stripes or the polka dots.Flowers, foliage, abstract and tribal designs, black and white, red, navy blue, beige and vibrant hues are also super high.