Ultralight Down Pants keep You Warm in Cold Weather

Never cold with the right down pants

Down pants to keep warm the body in the first place, so you well prepared for new adventures in cold can break areas and high altitude. No other piece of clothing offers comfort temperature as a down pants of plus size in combination with the matching jacket. So down pants make sedentary situations and activities, such as the stay in the tent or a mountain hut in the winter, as well as during intermission at the bouldering and rock climbing, at any time for a comfortable body temperature. Especially when it is not moving, the body under cold conditions quickly tends to cool off. Therefore, it is important that top to protect themselves just in stationary situations (sleep, pause, etc.) with a good down pants and a technical jacket from cold and frostbite. With the matching down pants walking well dressed and packed up to bed, to pass new outdoor adventures the next day.

Characteristics of a good down pants

Trousers of down as additional insulation advantages are obvious: the low weight and the small packing volume make sure that down pants can be carried in backpack at any time. Down has the property that the temperature range between “too hot” and “cold” is significantly larger than, for example, a fleece or lined winter pants. The goose down pants even the moisture produced by the body and transported them at appropriately low ambient temperature outside. Therefore, optimum body temperature is guaranteed at any time by right down my pants. Cold nights in a tent or in the hut with the right down trousers and jacket in the future of the past belong to.

Digression: down pants properly maintain

Down is a very sensitive insulation material. Down with humidity tends to to clump and losing to insulation. Therefore, it is important, if the down pants or jacket was once wet that she is hung for drying and airing in a dry place. Down pants should be washed with a special feather detergent also now and then down to maintain their bulking power and its insulating properties. Paying attention to these things, then you will be still many adventures in the mountains with his jacket and down pants in the future.