Types of Francesinhas Colored Models, Trends: Nails, How to Make

All the vain woman has already done at least once in the nail Tips. The famous style for many years is in the differentiation of the tip of your nails in the rest with the use of a differential enamel can be colored or white as in classical French.
With the popularity of the style emerged many adaptations and many people decided to create your own French. The result was a true collection of Francesinhas types that can serve as inspiration for those who love to innovate.
The range starts at size. The first francesinhas were thin and today there are types that occupy almost half of the nail. Here at Thenailmythology you can get more different models of the nails arts. The important thing is to cover the part that is not glued to the finger so that it is highlighted and call more attention.
Other factors are sensitive to color and texture. In the image above you see four examples of francesinhas with applications, two colors (metallic, enamelColor Blocking) and collage. These are just some of the many existing options.
Fleeing the white classic many nails won francesinhascolored and even customized. With vibrant tones or metallic, lace, stickers, prints, cutouts, drawings made by hand, the applications that are not lacking.Finally, as you see above, we have the differentiations by format. Just choose what suits you best!