Twin Ropes

Backup in the double-stranded with twin ropes

Double holds better! This often used phrase you can deny its truth at least in regard to twin ropes. Twin ropes are used only in the double strand and come at pre-school and climbed after use. With a diameter of between 7 and 8 millimetres, twin ropes are very thin and may therefore never be climbed in the single strand. The two strands of a twin cable offers a high degree of security. Twin ropes are hung together in the interim backups. It almost never happens that both strands are cut at the same time due to high load, sharp edges or rockfall. Also offers the ability to rappel over the whole length. A twin rope is used mainly in the Alpine sector.

What must afford twin ropes?

Since in the truest sense their own lives the twin rope depends on, it should comply with high quality standards and be more reliable. To secure that, twin ropes must be checked according to the European safety standard EN 892. This standard crash test, the twin ropes must endure 12 crashes with load: 80 kg without tearing. The rope stretch exceed not more than 40 per cent in the event of a fall and 10 percent for normal load. Only when this test is passed, the twin rope on the market as a climbing rope must be allowed to. This ensures maximum safety with the rope. A factor in the one also should look for when buying twin ropes is that the rope is impregnated. This is very important especially in the Alpine use. The impregnation prevents moisture from entering the climbing ropes and protects from pollution. This greatly increases the life span of the twin rope.