Triumph Launches New Collection of Personal Clothing and Accessories

Triumph is launching a new Spring / Summer 2017 collection of personal clothing and accessories, with more than 100 items for the female, male and child audiences. New features include, for example, more than 30 items in personal accessories (wallet, mug, towel, cap and bandana, among others), new Navigator piloting kit, eight new models of leather jackets, over 30 new t-shirt models and eight new items aimed at kids (like T-shirts and mugs).
The options on adult clothing were divided into three specific lines: Customization Collection, Restore Collection and McQueen Collection. In the first, Customization, the idea is to follow the world trend of customizing motorcycles, according to the style and personality of the motorcyclist. Therefore, this palette was crafted in dark colors with cold washings, inspired by the Ernie Lyons rider, Manx Grand Prix champion, in 1946, with a Tiger 100s.
The Restore line is designed for everyday motorcyclists, as they spend time in their garages making adjustments to their motorcycles and planning the next trip. One of the highlights is the t-shirt honoring the English pilot Phil Read, known as “The Speed ​​Prince,” twice champion of the “500 Miles Thruxton Circuit” in 1962 and 1963 – victories that served as inspiration for Triumph to produce the first units of Thruxton.
The McQueen Collection was created to honor the passing of Steve McQueen in the US Navy.Line items feature inquisitive details such as his date of birth and his serial number. In 1947, McQueen joined the United States soldiers in the Marine Corps, and was promoted to first-class soldier. He saved the lives of five other soldiers during an exercise in the Arctic. He was also assigned to the guard responsible for then-President Harry Trumans. He served until 1950, when he was dismissed with honors.
This new collection is part of the line that Triumph calls “Seasonal”, with products that are released according to the seasons – spring / summer and fall / winter – and aim to renovate the showroom of the dealerships. The dealers also market the so-called “Core” line, which can be found in stores any time of the year. There are more than 140 items that include, for example, functional clothing (designed to offer more comfort and safety to rider and rider), casual clothing (for general use), functional and casual boots, personal accessories etc.
About Triumph
Triumph Motorcycles Brazil is the company’s 10th subsidiary worldwide and has its headquarters in São Paulo (SP) and factory in Manaus since 2012. The brand has 15 dealers in the cities of São Paulo (SP), Campinas (SP), Ribeirão (SP), São José dos Campos (SP), Porto Alegre (RS), Brasília (DF), Curitiba (PR), Belo Horizonte (MG), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Goiânia (GO), Florianópolis ), João Pessoa (PB) and Recife (PE). Founded in 1902, Triumph Motorcycles is a global company, operating directly in 12 countries, through its subsidiaries, and indirectly in 42 markets, through independent distributors. Triumph is Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and the fastest growing brand in the segment above 500 cc in the countries where it is present. The company’s worldwide turnover is around R $ 2 billion and total production is approximately 54,500 units per year. Worldwide, Triumph has about 750 dealerships and nearly 2,000 employees.