Triton Sunglasses Eyewear Collection Giovanna Antonelli

The Triton brand Eyewear you already know. According to Eshaoxing, she is one of the most famous names in sunglasses, in Brazil. With countless models available, the Triton never leaves aside the innovation, even though some of his creations remain, for a long time, making the biggest success. There are always new and modern models, while others, of past collections, can be purchased through the outlet of Triton, in the own sales site. How innovation is a priority for the brand, new creations and surefire partnerships are a constant in the company. The last one was made with the actress Giovanna Antonelli.

Triton Line By Gio Antonelli

No wonder the Triton Eyewear has chosen the actress Giovanna Antonelli for the new partnership, which promises success. The artist, who now lives the role of delegated Héloïse in Salve Jorge, has been pursued by the world of fashion and beauty, besides work on television. Example of this was the collection of enamels, the Gio Antonelli, launched in partnership with the Speciallità Hits, with modern colours and very elegant design of packaging. Elegance, by the way, is one of the features of the actress, in addition to your beauty, talent and popularity. With so many adjectives, the Triton glasses Eyewear collection Giovanna Antonelli got everything to become part of the wish list of all those who like to be attuned and not give up sophistication.

Triton Models By Gio Antonelli

Triton By Gio Antonelli is the name of the collection, composed of 27 models. In your most, are medium to large sizes, in style ranging from classic to modern. Colors like Brown and black are prevalent, but also available are red, purple, blue, or metal frames. The lenses are made of polycarbonate material and can be monochrome or with gradient effect. In addition to these colors, are also models with color turtle (species of rajadinho) and color, combined with other details.
The big news is that models have removable rods. Each brings two kinds of them, and can be exchanged and ensuring a different look. The glasses Giovanna Antonelli were chosen with the participation of the actress, who also provided your face for the campaign. The style of the products have everything to do with her, that the displays in different looks.
To meet all the models of glasses Triton By Gio Antonelli, simply access the page of the brand at our site, because they all are for sale.