Trendy Shoes: Find Out What's Going to Rock This Winter

Perhaps the best part of winter is the possibility of protecting yourself from the cold with very stylish productions, is not it?  Of course, in the season, the feet get a special attention: it is worth betting on heavier and more structured models of  the fashionable shoes. With the grunge and punk vibe of the 90’s in vogue, the highlight is the Cuckoo.
The good news is that, in today’s rereading, military-style boots in harvardshoes gain democratic variations to make room in the wardrobe of women adept from an elegant look to the stripped down. At the MET ball in New York, the jump version featured prominently in Alicia Vikander, Selena Gomez and Michelle Williams looks.

Fashionable shoes for winter 2016

If you are looking for inspirations to ruin the  cold looks, nothing better than checking some fashion shoes that are already pumping between fashionistas. The possibilities are wide and by choosing a stylish footwear, you can turn that bland composition into an amazing look.
The footwear has definitely regained a prominent place in the hearts of stylish women-especially with the new models launched by the Louis Vuitton brand, which should inspire creations. In addition to the traditional black, the coturno gains variety in  textures and details, such as leather trim, heel and lace.
All Star Style Tennis
Classic, the  All Star  also regains its fashion status amid the stylish productions on Instagram. For celebrities like actress Kristen Stewart, it has guaranteed space even on the red carpet. With an increasingly democratic fashion that preaches comfort above all else, the item returns to being essential. Use and abuse without fear.
White sneakers
Piece-wish, the  white sneakers  came to replace the boots in the winter. On the catwalks, the sportswear style-which mixes chic and sporty elements in the same look-has gained evidence, making room for this liberating trend. A true wildcard, the footwear combines with dresses, jeans and basically any composition, from office to happy hour.
Over the knee
For those who do not give up the sophistication in winter, the boot over the knee is an indispensable item. With it, the look can be as basic as possible, since the highlight will be the part. Try to wear it with  dresses and skirts, as did Thássia Naves, as they open up legroom in evidence.

How to use coturnos in the season

Like other accessories that refer to the punk culture, like the  choker, the coats can have space in looks of work or even in the ballad. Just know how to coordinate the composition for different occasions.
The heeled version, for example, fits well with  midi dresses, tighter to the body. The result is sleek and sexy at the same time. Every day, it’s worth trying different looks: the cotton can look interesting with long dresses or even jeans and a metal studded jacket.
So, did you like the fashionable shoes? Give your opinion in the comments!