Trekking trousers (277)

A good trekking Pant sits, fits and breathing

Is a high-quality trekking trousers when hiking as the butter on the bread. Without a functional hiking pant legs “tastes the trekking adventure” only half as good. Trekking pants are a special leg garments, which are used mainly in the outdoors and mountain sports. Comfortable hiking, on an Alpine climb, or on a trekking trip to distant countries it is durability, lightness, fit and function at the outdoor clothing. A good trekking Pant allows total freedom of movement, protection and comfort. Depending on the pants, trekking trousers are wonderfully light, breathable, quick-drying as well as wind -, water – and dirt repellent. Even in the Alltagsdschungel many trekking trousers for men and women make extremely good now.

The fabric, which is trekking pants

Generally high-quality outdoor trousers for ladies and gentlemen consist of a light functional fibre. A mixture of the materials of nylon, spandex and cotton has proven itself in numerous outdoor tests now. Lightweight nylon blended fabric have the advantage that they immediately take the resulting moisture during sweat-inducing activities and by the functional fiber fabric from the body away to the outside Guide. The garment, dries very quickly and prevents a wet feeling on the skin. Wet clothes finally cools the body. Trekking pants are, however, with a higher proportion of cotton sturdy, durable and warmer. Rough rock, rugged surfaces, wind and rain may have less pants with a higher cotton content.

The travel destination Specifies the material

Avid Outdoorler and hikers who are mostly staying in warm and humid regions, are well advised with a light trekking trousers from functional fibre. Ambitious mountaineers and lovers of Scandinavian countries more access to a robust and solid processed trekking pants with a higher cotton content.

Surprise bag trousers

Now, high-quality outdoor and hiking pants have a variety of features and functions. There are trekking pants in different versions, namely as a zip off trousers, shorts and three-quarter pants. When the so-called zip-off pants, it is possible to remove the bottom piece of the pants leg on a zipper. The pants also has a vertical T-zip, the hiking boots while can be kept on. Also keeps order on the body by virtually attached and well-thought-out bags.