Trekking Poles & Accessories

With trekking poles in the Valley

Want whether on trekking tour or simply to the hike, who once appreciated has learned the benefits of modern trekking poles and hiking sticks, which is no longer as fast on it. Good hiking sticks provide secure footing in difficult terrain, support if it goes down and give the right moves uphill. The most important advantage of trekking poles is but medical nature: the use of trekking poles on a tour relieves the hip, the knee joint and the ankle. Especially downhill or in difficult terrain of the walking stick reduces the load placed on the joints.
A high quality manufactured trekking pole can help to prevent accidents and to minimise the risk of injury on the Trek. But what is to make sure when buying trekking poles on?

What is the appropriate hiking sticks -?

, A walking stick is usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber, a fiber made of carbon-reinforced plastic. Walking sticks made of carbon are lightweight and stable. In addition, they dampen the vibrations of the ground and not disclose them to the hands of the carrier. Trekking poles made of aluminium are usually slightly heavier than their carbon counterparts, but often cheaper to purchase
a good walking stick should have also a handle made of high quality material. Usually, the handles are made of cork or plastic. Important are also the hand loops that serve not only as a backup. Support also the hand position and ensure an optimal power transmission from the arm to the trekking pole.
If it is to be no walking stick with fixed-length, that’s no problem! Many models are modern clamping systems in the height-adjustable and can be easily adapted to the own body size and the specific situation. And if there is something less space in your backpack? Some manufacturers offer also folding walking sticks, which can be reduced to a very small pack size.