Tree Change Dolls, Dolls without Makeup

You already know the Tree Change Dolls, the dolls without makeup created by Sonia Singh? I present to you! Are beautiful and totally “nature”.
The series of dolls more and more “real”, i.e. dolls closer and closer to reality, to people and children as they are really, seems not to stop more. After the dolls with disabilities, in fact, it was the turn of dolls without makeup, namely those of the artist Sonia Singh named Tree Change Dolls.
What particular these dolls without makeup? Are first dolls “SOAP and water”, following natural dolls, that is without makeup, washed and dressed, to be “reframed” in nature.
The Tree Change Dolls, in fact, not only are without makeup from their creator and immortalized “before and after” as true ex-vip; then they are also dressed handmade, wool, cotton and comfortable fabrics and photographed outdoors, perhaps with a cheerful animals like dogs and chickens. In short, of “nature” and that after a long constraint in skimpy outfits and makeup abundant, become women, girls and teenagers in soapy water according to Automotiveqna.
But here, beware, it’s not just reviving old dolls like reborn dolls; Here it is, by the Australian artist Sonia Singh who produces them, to send a message to girls and to children around the planet: “you are beautiful as you are. Do not hide it with makeup, don’t you hate your looks, your natural “renegade.
It is possible to affirm everything through a doll?
Probably yes! The Tree Dolls Change are just a small step towards the affirmation and the awareness that in order to be beautiful, you don’t have to be necessarily correspond to standards of beauty. Probably the dolls “nature” are a drop in the bucket of the work you need to do to avoid educating children insecure and suffering from body dysmorphic disorder; but it’s good that someone has taken this step. Don’t you think?