Treated Mosquito Nets for Travel

Restful sleep under the right mosquito net!

Who doesn’t know the annoying buzz in Twilight? As the stage of the trekking tour or the sunny day of climbing may have been so great — if mosquitoes Rob one of the evening around the campfire and camping, the fun on the river Drava Sensein is easy then.
Also a restless, poverty-stricken gnats sleep over several nights will lead to faulty regeneration and therefore not full power for the really nice outdoor adventure! Therefore we need a more effective insect repellent! Only a decent mosquito net at night prevents unwanted visitors and guarantees a relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep on tour and on vacation.
While the popular tents with double-walled construction already have a (mostly separately usable) inner tent with mosquito net, you should have always the right mosquito net ready equipment for vacations and tours in southern climes outdoor hammock or sleeping bags in his outdoor!
A good mosquito net is also used for all nights in traditional hotels, motels, hostels etc recommended apartments! If it is hot outside and at night the temperatures drop barely under 20 degrees, you would hate to sleep when the window is closed. However it is eaten by the lousy pilots, is not the right insect protection net! Here, there are some general information about the characteristics of an ordinary mosquito nets!

Against small Piesacker: mosquito nets and their properties

What you should observe when buying a mosquito net to stay in tropical climes, or simply under summer conditions is the choice of the correct size. First there’s mosquito net for one or two persons.
It then refers to length and width of the bed or sleeping space. In addition, such networks have the option, from the ceiling or a tree branch or other fixed points in the mains flexible and fit to hang out so that it rests on the ground or on the edge of the bed and no loopholes for mosquitoes emerge. This one should on mosquito nets in rooms always at a tesa Strip to be able to think, even on the ceiling to attach to the cord hook or similar.
The room height is greater than the length of the adjustable cord – just wrap a thin cord in addition!Often help small appealed items on the corners, to keep the mosquito net on the floor. In addition, some models of mosquito nets are already treated and in mosquito-repellent. So the critters don’t be tempted! Some insect protection net have a pole up and are deflected it to the sides. In large networks it has so no space problems and a child sleeping surface without net in the face.