Travel Translator for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Ever imagined a translator at your fingertips in every tightening situation, often even a dictionary of those same paper would already save you from various troubles. Now you can have this translator at any time in the palm of your hand, or better, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Travel Translator for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Now there is an application that does translations in 29 languages, released for iPhone and iPod touch, the application has the size 742 MB, you must have found very great, but I think you will think this only until you know its functions and capacity.

Check now all available languages ​​- English (United States and United Kingdom), Spanish (Latin America), French, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Farsi, Polish, Slovak, Italian, Russian, Danish, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Dutch, Swedish, Hindi, Chinese, Hungarian, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Finnish, Czech, Norwegian and Turkish.

With this application you will be able to purchase tickets, place an order in a restaurant or cafeteria, make hotel reservations without any knowledge of the local language. There are up to 2,200 expressions and words adding all languages, all are illustrated and pronounced in each of the languages.

All of them are clearly divided into themes that are essential such as: fun, drink, sport, outings, food, sports, hotel, services, etc. To make it even easier, there is an integrated search function. If you type a word it already searches for complete question or answer options to offer you, it helps a lot to communicate.

See more features of this translator:

  • Each utterance made of the expressions is performed by natives.
  • Organization needs each topic and subtopic.
  • Ease of speed in full or partial text searches.
  • You do not need to connect to Internent because all content is saved on the device.
  • Interface entirely in Portuguese
  • Extremely simple functionality, making it easy to use from the young to the elderly.
  • All program functions are illustrated.
  • In some languages ​​there are phonetic transcription, see which are: Korean, Greek, Japanese, Farsi, Hebrew, Chinese and Russian.

After this application it may not be that all problems are over, but most of them can be said to be. It seems to be very interesting, it does not cost to test. What do you think? Worth it?