Travel pillows (34)

Comfort on long rides with the HAGLÖFS travel pillow

space-saving lightweight travel pillow for sleep

only restful sleep is healthy sleep. For hiking and trekking, as well as the climbing this is all the more important. With a travel pillow you wake up rested days without neck pain after strenuous and it can go relaxed. < br / > In use at camping and multi-day hiking tours, a travel pillow is a worthwhile purchase. As on duration is the fleece jacket stuffed with sweaters and pants dirty müffelt uncomfortable. High quality outdoor sleeping pillow, however, are small Packable and light and find place in any backpack.

There are cushions for arrivals and nights in the tent

, A travel pillow can have different shapes and functions. These range from the pure neck support pillow for comfort in public transport for the use on extended expeditions. Manufacturers like Therm-a-rest, Eagle Creek Exped and VAUDE have much experience at sleeping and camping mats. Their high quality cushions are a long-lasting investment. Who stayed in huts, in hostels or hostels, is also equipped with a travel sleep sack made of silk or cotton.
Mammoth travel pillow

different fillings to the isolation

filling the inflatable pillow is down or foam and is arranged in Chamber. According to personal taste and underground nature, you can vary the hardness of travel pillows. This isolated the pillow floor cold, relieves the neck and spine. Many pillows have a moisture-resistant base, does not absorb so and remain dry and light.

Neck pillow for air, rail and bus travel

Not only arrived at the destination a travel pillow is a practical matter. U-shaped pillow, so-called neck cushion the horrors take the bumpy bus ride and let sleep one comfortably in confined space. The seat neighbor one thanks! As well as on bus trips, a neck pillow in rail and air travel is very pleasant. Whether on the plane or while waiting for the connecting flight – with my own Pillow is catered for recreation.

Always a private, clean cushions in the hostel

Especially on long backpacking trips, a pillow from home packed is often the better choice. Especially when you can not quite trust the hygiene standards in the hotel or hostel. In addition to the hygiene are allergy-free and people who are sensitive to dust mites with an own Pillow also on the safe side.