Tour de France 2011 Stage Winners

Tour de France or the Tour of France called, is about to start. All toppers have prepared as well as possible for the best known and most popular stage race for cyclists. These riders hoping to achieve their goals and push their limits. But what kind go to the Tour de France. You will learn everything in this article.

Tour de France

Round of France is a stage race that lasts at least 3 weeks. July 2, 2011, will start the tour. Only cyclists ride with a top condition and are able to complete this stage race. These are the champion of champions.


The triple Tour winner Alberto Contador is one of the main favorites for the stage race. No one can climb better than him. As recently as last year, Andy Schleck could provide a response to the attack attempt Alberto Contador. So the eyes naturally seeks the top two favorites.
There are also some underdogs, namely Robert Gesink, Jurgen Van den Broek, who performed very well during the Dauphine Libere. Cadel Evans, Bradley Wiggins and Alessandro Vinokourov’s contenders. They are not the best climber, but one of the best times Trialists in the squad.
In the round of Switzerland, we can draw some conclusions. Damiano Cunego and Levi Leipheimer did very well there. Damiano Cunego was the best climber in the Tour of Switzerland. Levi Leipheimer was the best all rounder “and won the Tour of Switzerland. The Schleck brothers were not so good in this round. The mountain they could not show up in the trial period and underperformed. Yet we must not forget these riders. They belong to the top and will certainly take controversial moments in the Tour de France.

The green Jersey

Ride is reserved for P. Gilbert. The finish is namely Mont des Allouettes. There is a short steep climb, which P.Gilbert all the stops to pick up and jump away. The fourth stage ends with a climb, namely Mur-de-Bretagne. This will also allow P.Gilbert show. At the end of the week there is a trip that ends with the Super Besse, where he makes a last big chance to win.
The first week will P.Gilbert as likely to win the green jersey, but we can not T.Husovd and T.Boonen forgotten.These are also marvels that a slope sprints on power. These are also contenders.
M.Cavendish course is the favorite for the green jersey, but what does he do upon arrival that run on light rock. He may lose important points. M.Cavendish will also have to deal with P.Gilbert, T.Hushovd and possibly T.Boonen that goes along with the long flight to deal with the intermediate sprints there and go out in the standings.M.Cavendish will not have it easy because A.Greipel is also eager to defeat him. It will be exciting!

The parkoer by 2011

The first journey favorites have already been concentrated. Platoon head past a street along the sea which is dry at low tide and at high tide submerged state. This provides a slippery road, there can be even heavy cases.
The second step is a time trial on 23 kilometers. Here are a few favorites and underdogs lose time on the other.Therefore, looking forward to this trip.
Then they go through the region “Brittany”. One area where there is always a lot of wind, and as a result can break the peloton. These days the riders are considerate cycle be not surprised break in the peleton.
Then there are some tours perfect for mass printer. Thus, the platoon moves to the Pyrenees. As the top favorites will be the first real fight in the mountains.
But the emphasis in the Alps. As riders twice, “Galibier” on. The finish is at an altitude of 2645 meters. Even riders to L’Alpe d’Huez on.
Finally, the favorites are still proving once. They still need to do a time trial on the penultimate day.