To Keep Square Design and Android Wear

Next to the Apple Watch, the second version of the smart watch from Asus is one of the few with square screen
It’s like the saying goes: “that is gaining time not moving”. Maybe Asus doesn’t even have thought about that when I started to develop the second generation of your Smart Watch, the ZenWatch 2, but, even so, has benefited the few changes. Released in Europe during the IFA 2015 , the equipment should reach Brazil.

One of the few accessories square screen event in Berlin, Germany, ZenWatch 2 is also proof that we must always be wary of the first generation of any appliance. Equally or more beautiful than the first ZenWatch, the second version brings, in my opinion, one of the only modifications were required: the size of the box. Now, as the Apple Watch, the ZenWatch 2 has two different sizes of box to meet the most different pulses, men and women, thick or thin.
Another novelty of the 2 ZenWatch that even needed in the first version is the physical button, present on the side of the appliance, and that takes the user straight to the home screen. Truth be told: in the first, there were software capabilities to perform such a function, such as, for example, cover the display by hand. With the screen turned off, it was just touching her again to find the face of the watch. The button was not essential, but brought to the ZenWatch 2 1 way more than use the accessory. After all, no matter how accustomed we are to wear a wrist watch, a smart outfit, even if very similar to the original, requires some learning and practical too.
Asus also understood that while manufacturer opted for Android Wear, smart system for wearable devices from Google, you need to develop applications to differentiate themselves from the others. As in the Smartphone market, Android Wear also predominates among the smart watches. First of all, let’s be clear that this is not to modify the interface of the platform, on the contrary, but rather to create applications that elevate the user experience.
Since the first version there is the ZenWatch Manager, which facilitates user access to some settings with the bluetooth connects the attachment to the cell phone. Now, in addition to the management app, there is the FaceWatchs, which allows each person create a face of its own clock. Want to put the pictures of the children at the bottom of your accessory? Can. Want to put your name and choose which notifications will be apparent? It is also possible. In addition to the app, there are more than 50 faces designed by Asus’s own designers if you come to the conclusion that you don’t have to do this soon.
Another novelty in terms of App is the ZenWatch Message, a unique application of direct message exchange between watches that allows the user to send text and also emojis. Wellness is also a creation of the company and uses sensors like the pedometer to track the user’s physical activities and create reports. Finally, Asus has also shown at IFA the SmartAssistant, application that shows notifications in a smart way.
Intelligent accessory, but with style
As the smartphone, smart clock also walks to be a fashion accessory, not just technology. For this, the Asus hit to keep the same type of bracelet that is found in traditional watches and the first ZeWatch. On both sides, the bracelets, metal or leather, have a lock that allows the user to disconnect the bracelet of the watch case easily and put in place the one more wish. This mechanism not only allows the user to customize the attachment, but also has a collection of different bracelets to the same watch, giving longevity to the product.
Asus was precursor to adopt this model and, not incidentally, he ended up in other products from different manufacturers. Now, in ZenWatch 2, Asus offers 18 options, including a Special Edition with Swarovski crystals. In addition to the size of the box, the bracelets and the faces, the customization is also present in the color box in the ZenWatch 2. Now, there are three options:gold, silver and a darker gray. The button included with the rest of the box, but can have details in another tone.
The charger also changed, to monitor the development of the battery. Before, the ZenWatch came with a case in which the microUSB cable was connected. Now, has an own connector. According to Asus, the second generation battery lasts two days, almost double that of the previous generation, and can also be loaded more quickly: 50% in 36 minutes. This is the kind of technology that makes a difference to a drawing device to spend even more time with the user than the smartphone itself. Beyond the design, the more differentiated.