Tips to Keep Your Bra with Bulge

Bulging bras do not require much during their washing. The fabric is the same as other lingerie, and it is only necessary to pay attention to some details of the piece. Looking to answer your questions, we separate valuable tips for anyone who wants to keep the bra well maintained and new looking.

  • Can I Dip My Bra In The Water?

Certainly. Bulging bras can be dipped in water and even dipped in sauce. Care should be taken to remove all excess water and dry before storing.

  • Can I Use Hot Water?

No way. The hot water can deform the fabric and foam of the bulge, causing the color and elasticity to be lost. Always use cold water to ensure the durability of the bra.

  • Can I Wash In The Machine?

Would not recommend. The ideal is to wash the hand to avoid long washes without necessity and the wear of the fabric.

  • What About Using Bleaches?

Completely prohibited. The fabric is delicate and bleach will leave the clothes yellowish, being impossible to remove this type of stain. Chlorine and bleach are also prohibited.

  • What Is The Best Product For Washing?

Use coconut or neutral soap. They are ideal for washing some parts because they are less aggressive.

  • How To Prevent And Remove Blemishes?

Prevention is better than cure, so follow a few basic steps: do not keep your bra wet; keeping the bra stored for a long time in places can cause blemishes, so avoid large breaks between washings;thoroughly rub the piece with your hands. Here at therightbras you can get more different models of the underwear fashion.
If the stain already exists, a mixture of baking soda and water may solve the problem. Rub the stain gently and rinse.

  • How To Dry My Bra With Bojo?

Squeeze your bra without twisting it, attempting to return the bulge to its normal shape after taking out the water. Hang the bra in a well-ventilated place away from the sun, always preferring a shady spot. Lastly, do not use dryers.
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