Tips to End Nausea in Pregnancy

Pregnant women go through many situations throughout the gestation period which is nine months, are examinations, discomforts, nausea, and everything else …

Tips to End Nausea in Pregnancy

But when the baby is born beautiful and healthy, all moms realize that all the good and bad that have passed during pregnancy, was worth it.

Generally all pregnant women experience nausea and nausea during pregnancy, but some women suffer more from these discomforts than others.

The good news for all pregnant women is that it is possible to avoid nausea, which hampers the daily routine of all pregnant women, regardless of their ages.

14 Tips to End Pregnancy Nausea

  1. Make small meals every three hours because pregnant women on an empty stomach may experience many nausea.
  2. Avoid consumption of acidic, spicy foods and also condiments.
  3. Choose low-fat foods rich in carbohydrates and protein.
  4. Do not eat too sweet, fried and greasy foods.
  5. Chew the food slowly and avoid drinking liquids during meals.
  6. Drink iced liquids that cause less nausea and nausea.
  7. Replace soft drinks with natural juices, coconut water, and plain water.
  8. Drink a little coffee.
  9. Take vitamins at times when you feel sick.
  10. Avoid lying down right after meals.
  11. At times when the nausea is very strong, start meals for dry foods such as breads, crackers, and toast. Always carry cereal bars or crackers for emergencies.
  12. Reduce the nausea by taking a lemon popsicle or some mint flavor.
  13. Try to stay away from people and places with strong perfumes, foods with strong aromas, cosmetics, cleaning products and others, as all this causes nausea.
  14. Do not get up quickly, as this can cause low blood pressure and cause nausea and feeling sick.

When to seek medical help

Pregnant women with nausea and light nausea do not need to seek a doctor only need to follow the prenatal care, but those pregnant women who have severe symptoms need to seek a doctor urgently.

Pregnant women with the following symptoms should seek medical advice: dizziness and dark urine, vomiting several times a day, especially if they vomit blood, cramping or abdominal or pelvic pain, and weight loss.

Treating nausea and motion sickness

To avoid nausea and nausea as much as possible, pregnant women should adopt a healthy diet composed of fruits, vegetables, white meats, grains and also red meat, more in moderation.

So nausea causes a lot of discomfort in younger and older women, but to avoid this problem, follow the tips above.