Tips For Choosing Footwear On The Camino De Santiago

One of the questions that most we are outside and inside our blog, perhaps the Queen of doubts, is: which shoes should I bring to the Camino de Santiago? Would you give me advice?
As each of us have a different foot, surely this post would give for a long essay about how to dress for the feet before beginning a new stage. For open mouth here «see this site» tips that can help you to choose a good shoe to enjoy the road smoothly.
1. I have late-model sports brand sneakers, do I take them to the road? No, the sports are not an option. His soft sole and flexible more soon than later finished torturing the sole of your foot thanks to stones that you’ll find in the paths without asphalt by thousands.
2. And then what, boot or shoe? Both are possible provided they are prepared for trekking or hiking. Fortunately most of the paths by which the road runs allow both options.
3. To me personally I like the boots, I recommend low shank, i.e. not very high for comfort, but at the same time that protect you the ankle and the humidity that very often you will find yourself as you approach to Galicia. I personally have Crystal ankle, and do not want to charge me a splendid trip to the first wrong turn tread.

4. Others prefer a good trekking shoes to better withstand the heat of the road. And perhaps the most suitable especially for the summer months, although today there are boots with a great capacity of perspiration.
5. Feet always dry, either by sweat, moisture content of the soil, or rain almost always Companion by Galicia. At that point the ability to sweat your footwear is essential. Today there are technologies such as © Gore-Tex allowing you to evacuate your sweat to prevent outside moisture from entering your feet. Very helpful if you choose boot as a pet. By the way if your socks are also breathable, you’ve made an investment in vain.
6. The sole of your shoe is also very important. Consistent, flexible and non-slip. Many brands of footwear of mountain adopt system Vibram © or © Contagrip improving adhesion of footwear. Eye with the wet floors, especially stones and tiles, that miracles do not exist.
7. If you have made the choice of your boot, now only you need to find the correct number. With the boot still undone, it moves fingers of your feet to touch the tip of the shoe. It must be hollow to stick a finger down the back. That should be the measure of your ideal number, keep in mind that your foot dilate to walk for hours every day. If you do not so, downspouts your fingers will collide again and again with the toe causing you the usual blisters and abrasions, as well as bruises on the nails.
And last, but not least, the grandmother’s remedy: rub you your feet well clean Vaseline to prevent blisters and chafing.
Once on the Camino de Santiago, for better or worse, your shoes will be your faithful companion until the end of the adventure.
We will contribute our grain of sand so that you begin to feel your feet on the Camino de Santiago…