This Week's Outfit

It is difficult to escape, not to take anything from it so hyped Viktor&Rolf collection when putting together this week’s outfit. I could not keep the fingers in control and went like thousands of others and queued outside the shop. I came out with a dress shirt and a bow tie. It is also these stands as the basis of this week’s outfit, which I would describe as a mix between everyday and special occasions.
Dress shirt Viktor & Rolf for H & M, £ 398
This shirt was the last on the pendant in my size, perfect timing then I planned to have a white shirt in my outfit. I like that it feels dressed while the formal feel dragged down by decorating with arrows and the fun the cufflinks in the shape of hearts.
Fly Viktor & Rolf for H & M, 198 SEK
I welcome the fly with open arms this season. It certainly feels like a worthy replacement for the tie, when it comes to fill the void between skjortsnibbarna. Here too we see the recurring pildekorationen from Pharmacylib.
Cardigan Dior Homme (ABCD) 3677 kr
After the hysteria at H & M I ended up later at the more sedate ABCD where I found this oemotståndiga cardigan. It may be a high price for a cardigan, but I thought it fit so well in my outfit. The shiny edges makes it reinforces the classy impression.
Jeans, Acne Mix Deadstock (Victoria Arena) 1300 SEK
At the Victoria Arena, I found the perfect bottom to my outfit. The model is slim and moderately high in the waist, and I like that they’re unwashed to melt into my incidentally quite dressy outfit.
Sneakers, Strategic Business Unit (Viktoria Arena) 2500 kr
To my more dressy outfit, I choose to round off with a couple of pretty classy sneakers, which comes from the Italian brand SBU, which most is known for its fine jeans models. The shoes along with the jeans will help to tone down the otherwise perhaps slightly strained look dressy, and makes this outfit works just as well on the job, on the town, at the nightclub.