This Is The Android Name N According to The Developer Preview 4

The fourth Developer Preview of Android N is here and we already entered into the final stage before seeing the final version that will arrive in two months, after a final Preview. The system is already very mature (until now has its final API) but there is a problem: We still don’t know his name.
This time Google has been listening to the proposals of users in terms of names, but do not accept more suggestions for a week already. One of the names that are more shuffle is Nutella, but there is nothing confirmed. What we can do is go to the Easter Egg from the Developer Preview 4 to see what says.
So far, by repeatedly touching on the version of the system settings in the Android N got a logo with a N no more, but that changed in the last preview. The letter N is still there, but includes a name: NAMEY MCNAMEFACE.
Obviously, it is not fate Another joke more above all the issue of the name. A reference to the ship Internet baptized as Boaty McBoatFace in a similar initiative it has carried that out Google with Android N (and in the end finished by calling Sir David Attenborough).
Boaty McBoatFace
In fact, It is not the first time that Google references at this event, because when it was announced that users could suggest their names already is pues cuando se anuncio que los usuarios podrian sugerir sus nombres ya se comento said between joke that we don’t why Namey Mcnameface.
We still need to know what will be the definitive final Android N. The latest information on the suggestions page is that Google is considering the proposals and will “soon” announce the name.